Cookie Club Support

Getting Started.

Welcome to Cookie Club! Find your role below for tips on how to get signed up or logged in.


I Used Cookie Club Last Year

Great! Your Troop Leader will fill you in on any changes for this season. Your Cookie Club account from last year is still good, and if you use it, all your contacts will be there when you log in, too!

If you need or want to start fresh this season, be sure to get your new, current-season ID and password from your Troop Leader.

Whether you use your account from last year or a new one this year...

Your Leader Has to Set You Up

Before you can begin setting goals and tracking orders in Cookie Club, your Troop Leader will need to set up the whole troop. Even if you've logged in to Cookie Club already, be sure to wait until your Troop Leader has given the "go" before you start adding contacts or orders.

If you don't have your ID and password, ask your Troop Leader for them. Be sure your parent or guardian has signed a Permission Slip to allow you to work in Cookie Club.

Uh Oh, I Forgot My Password

Cookie Club does not have a password-recovery feature. If you've already been into Cookie Club this season, but forgot your login information, check with your Troop Leader to get it again.

Troop Leaders and Cookie Managers

I Forget My Login from Last Year

Don't worry about having to remember your login from a previous year. Cookie Club uses the same login authorization that eBudde™ uses, so there is no previous Cookie Club account to remember -- just use your current eBudde credentials!

If you are trying to log in now and are having trouble, make note of the error message and follow the link it provides to additional, more specific, help. Here are some general tips:

eBudde™ First, Then Cookie Club

In order to log in to Cookie Club, you must first be set up as a leader in eBudde™. Your Cookie Club login is identical to your eBudde login. If you are not familiar with eBudde™, or do not know if you are set up in eBudde™ yet, contact your Service Unit for more information.

Forgotten Password

If you've already been using Cookie Club and just forgot your password, don't worry, you'll be up and running in no time. Cookie Club itself does not have a password-recovery feature, since leader logins are handled through eBudde™. If you've forgotten your password, use the password-recovery feature on the eBudde™ login page then return to Cookie Club and try again.

Help from Your Service Unit

If you have tried your eBudde™ credentials and are not able to log in, check to make sure you are still able to log in directly to eBudde™ with the credentials you are trying to use. Go to eBudde™ now and try it. If you are unable to log in to eBudde™, use the password recovery feature there, or check with your Service Unit to make sure you have been set up properly in your Troop. If you CAN get into eBudde™, and are still not able to get into Cookie Club, check with your Service Unit to make sure you are set up in eBudde™ as a Troop Leader or Cookie Manager for the current season.


Use eBudde™ Login

Use your Council eBudde™ credentials to log in to Cookie Club.

Girls, Get Your Login from Your Leader

Your Troop Leader will give you your ID and password for this season. It may be the same as last season's, but wait until your Troop Leader has given it to you to try it.

Leaders, Use your eBudde™ Login

Cookie Club and eBudde™ use the same authentication, so use the same email and password for both.

Where do I get a Permission Slip?

Right here! Girls must turn in to their Leaders a signed Permission Slip. Open or download this PDF and print it out. (Here is Español version.)

Are you in the right Cookie Club?

If your troop is in one of the councils below, you are in the wrong place:

  • Arizona Cactus Pine
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho
  • Greater Atlanta
  • Middle Tennessee
  • Nation's Capital
  • North East Ohio
  • Northeast Texas
  • Northern Illinois
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Western Ohio

If your troop is in one of the councils above, you will be using the new Cookie Club Pilot. Go there now to get started!