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Girl Account Verification and Order Submission

Final cookie orders are submitted from the Parent account to a program called eBudde, the cookie sale management program your troop uses to manage the whole Cookie Activity. In order for the cookie order to go through properly, Cookie Club Girl accounts must be "attached" to eBudde, or verified.

Girl accounts used last year must be verified again this year to let eBudde know who they are and to make sure their cookie orders goes to the right place.

If you tried submitting your cookie order and got an error saying Order Submission Error: This girl has not been validated to eBudde with a CookieClub login..., etc., your Girl account needs to be verified. Please see the steps below.

Brand new Girl accounts, for scouts who are using Cookie Club this year for the first time, are verified with eBudde when they are created. You should be all set and do not need to verify.

Returning Parents - Verify Your Girl Accounts

Which Girl Accounts Need to be Verified?

If you and your scout used Cookie Club last year, and you are using the same accounts this year, you must "re-activate" or verify your Girl account again this year. Note that your scout can use her account even before it has been verified, but you must verify the account before trying to submit your final order or the submission will fail.

If you did not use Cookie Club last year, and you created a NEW account for your scout and that's the account she has been using, the Girl account is already verified. New Girl accounts are verified for the current season at the time they are created.

How to Verify a Previous-Year Girl Account for Use This Year

Girl account verification is done from your Parent account screen. Please follow this process to verify your scout's Girl account:

  1. Log in as Parent (choose "Parent" from the "I am a" selector on the login page).
  2. Once logged in, go to My Account (from the link at the top of the page)
  3. You'll see your Girl's account info at the bottom of the page. Double-check the first and last name, troop number, and council to make sure they are correct.
  4. If there is an ID number in the GSUSA ID field, ERASE it (make it blank); if the word "Optional" appears in the GSUSA ID field, leave it as-is.
  5. Submit the page by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

If you get a "success" message above your scout's name, and all the editable form fields turn to plain text, and there is now an "Edit" link next to your girl's name, you have successfully verified that account.

If you get a large red error message saying to check the names, troop number, etc., check everything, make adjustments as needed, and try again. The most common cause of this error message is that the names don't match exactly as your troop leader has entered them in eBudde (the cookie sale management program that you are trying to verify the account with). If you need to, check with your troop leader to see how your girl's name is listed in eBudde, then try again.

How to Tell that a Girl Account has been Verified

A verified Girl account will be displayed in plain text with an Edit link next to the scout's name and a red Move button below the information.

A Girl account that has not been verified yet will be displayed with the information inside form fields, most of which can be edited (the username and password fields are grayed out and not editable)

Troop Leaders and Cookie Managers - You Can Help

Make Sure All Your Girls are in Your eBudde Roster

Girl account verification will fail if the girl is not listed on your troop roster in eBudde. Make sure ALL girls are accounted for.

Girl Account Names Must Match

When Cookie Club attempts to verify a Girl account, it checks the troop roster for a girl with that account's exact first and last name. Make sure all your Parents know how their girls are set up in eBudde so they can insure the names match when verifying.

GSUSA IDs are Optional, but IF USED, They Must Match

If a Parent submits a Cookie Club Girl account and includes a GSUSA ID, that ID must match exactly what is shown for that girl in eBudde or it will fail. This means if your eBudde roster's GSUSA IDs are blank, and the Girl account has a number in that field, it will fail to verify (because something does not match nothing).

While Parents are encouraged above to leave the GSUSA ID field blank, this ID is sometimes needed to confirm a given girl is the correct one. For example, in the case of two girls in the same troop with the same first and last names (rare, but it does happen). In that case, Cookie Club asks the Parent to include the GSUSA ID as a final step to verification.

How to Tell Which of Your Girls' Accounts Have Been Verified

Check your eBudde Girl roster. Those girls who show a username on a blue background in the Cookie Club Login column have Cookie Club Girl accounts that have been verified. If there is nothing in that column for a girl, her Cookie Club account has not been verified with eBudde yet. You may want to contact that girl's Parent to encourage verification as soon as possible, following the process outlined above.

Girls, Get Your Login from Your Parent

Your parent or guardian will register a Parent account first, then create a Girl account for you. To create the Girl account, your first and last name in Cookie Club must match exactly how your Troop Leader has set you up in the cookie-management program, eBudde. If you don't have your login yet, or can't remember your password, ask your Parent!

Leaders, Use your eBudde Login

Cookie Club and eBudde use the same authentication, so use the same email and password for both.

Where do I get a Permission Slip?

Right here! Girls must turn in to their Leaders a signed Permission Slip. Open or download this PDF and print it out. (Here is Español version.)

Are you in the right Cookie Club?

If your troop is in one of the councils below, you are in the right place!

  • Arizona Cactus Pine
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho
  • Greater Atlanta
  • Middle Tennessee
  • Nation's Capital
  • North East Ohio
  • Northeast Texas
  • Northern Illinois
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Western Ohio

If your troop is NOT in one of those councils above, you will be using a different version of Cookie Club.

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